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"Van Why's recollections of the attacks and their aftermath are harrowing, marked by an eyewitness perspective that has the sober authenticity of diary entries.

Countless heroes emerged from the chaos of Sept. 11, and by selflessly sharing his story, Van Why must be counted among their number. "

 David C. Nichlos, L.A. Times

"['That Day In September' is] a deeply moving depiction of one man's experiences at Ground Zero and the devastating emotional legacy that followed.

['That Day In September'] imparts indelible and heartrending imagery of a day almost too horrible to remember, yet too important to forget "

Frontiers Magazine

"Van Why's is a story worth telling, and he tells it with passion and conviction."

"[Van Why] opens with the first explosion to rivet our attention, then delves into his personal story and how his life led him to that time and place. What follows is the ground-level experience of one frightened man. And we're right there with him."

Michael J. Toscano, The Washington Post

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