For Future Productions:

Conceived as a one-man theater piece, That Day in September can easily be adapted to accommodate more than one actor.

I have seen productions with one actor, two actors and with a cast of 11.

Multiple casts have used a cross section of actors (different ages, genders, races); which gives the story more of an “everyman” quality, reminding us that we each have our own story of that day.

As a one-man show, the staging for the New York workshops and the Los Angeles premiere was minimal. A stool with the script on a music stand. Subtle stage lighting was used to underscore the moods and emotions of the script.

The Off Broadway production used a minimal set, with music and images projected on the back of the set.
                                As the playwright, I am open to any ideas a director might have for
                                                      his or her own vision of the production.


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That Day In September script

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