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The cover of Artie Van Why's book on 9/11,

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"This book is absolutely the most humbling book I've ever read.  The way in which Artie has perfectly written this personal tribute and memoir is reflective, overwhelming, amazing and is a piece of history which I will keep on my bookshelves and pass on to my very young son to help him understand what actually happened on that day, and for us all to look back at in years to come.  This tribute from Artie Van Why is simply perfect!"


 Kim the Book Worm

"Let me just say that this is a flawless memoir. Not flawless because it is absolutely perfect and nothing could ever be written better. But because it so vividly and poignantly captures what it was like to live through that day--September 11th--downtown New York City at Ground Zero. Flawless because it is written from the heart. It is a beautiful tribute to the men and women who lost their lives that day."

My Reader’s Block

"It is a brief but beautiful personal story, one man’s struggle to process and deal with a national tragedy, yet it feels universal. Van Why’s candid prose bring the reader to him, so that I felt his story as my own. In the couple of hours I spent with ‘That Day in September,’ I lost count of the number of times tears came to my eyes. I’m so glad the author somehow got his story into my hands."

 Erin Reads